“Thank you for such an informative and well presented seminar – the staff are really enthused with what you taught. I really appreciate the time you are putting into our centres.  Once again, thank you so much for giving us so much of yourself.” Rose W

“What a wonderful session we had! Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions!  Your leadership mentoring sessions have been a great inspiration for me!” Roni S

“I implemented the strategies we discussed in our last mentor session….so happy with the positive outcome… I learned so much…” Eliza J

“Thank you for your guidance and support. Really appreciate it.” Kimi P

“Thank you so much for your input again yesterday.  I loved the whole session and korero amongst our group. Great information and ideas to use in both our professional and personal lives.” Jane R

“In terms of the Professional Learning that you implemented with us, we found you really approachable and affirming of the practices that we have in place. This Professional Learning prompted us to ensure that our journey is continued, to support the learning outcomes of all tamariki involved in our service and show all whanau the value that home-based care and education can provide. We found the one to one sessions most valuable. Our au pairs are able to write learning stories to an exceptionally high quality, and you were able to observe and comment on this in action. It was great to have the opportunity to share this and be commended for the level that we are able to achieve.”  Cherilynn Buckingham, Education Services Manager, Au Pair Link

“My teachers found you approachable and keen to help. You steered us in the right direction by pointing out the poignant updates of relicensing legislation, and clarified what was required of us, in a professional and friendly manner.Your presentations were logical, and your handouts gave valuable and helpful definitions and information.” Rebecca Lee – Houtwipper, Smart Start Montessori

“Loved the handouts!  Lots of great information that can be used with our educators and visiting teachers.” – Homegrown Kids

“I am learning and absorbing everything I learn from you and as I put it into practice, it continues to make me a better leader and a stronger one not only for myself but for my amazing team. You mentor professionally but you support from the heart and your support will never be forgotten. I have so much respect and admiration for you as a professional and a person. I was always comfortable in my leadership role but now I’m gaining knowledge to lead and manage on a higher level. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Kat G.