7 Ways to Maximize Productivity

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The field of social psychology teaches us that social relationships are central to an organizations culture and to the overall success of the organization. Educational leaders play a significant role in structuring their teams’ working relationships, and this can be achieved in one of three key ways. 

One way educational leaders can structure working relationships, is in an individualistic way, whereby teachers work alone to accomplish individual goals and tasks.  This effects a ‘disconnect’ between the goals of the individual, the goals between individuals, and the goals of the organization. This is a lose:lose scenario.  The organization loses, and in due course, everybody loses.

A second way educational leaders can structure working relationships is competitively, effectively pitting teachers to work against each other.  This is a win:lose situation. Someone has to lose, in order for someone else to win, and ultimately has an impact on morale, which in turn, has a negative impact on productivity.

Another way educational leaders can structure working relationships is in a co-operative way, whereby teachers and leaders identify shared goals, and work collaboratively to co-ordinate their efforts to achieve common goals.  Productivity is maximized when teams work together collaboratively.  This results in a win:win for all.

Here are 7 ways that leaders can maximize productivity:

  1. Communicate a clear shared vision of what the organization could and should be.
  2. Be inspirational.  Challenge the status quo.  Consider different approaches to teaching and learning.
  3. Empower team members. Encourage collaborative and co-operative teamwork initiatives.
  4. Lead by example. Walk the walk.  
  5. Take risks and admit mistakes.  Remember mistakes are learning opportunities.
  6. Encourage team members to persevere through challenges.  Recognize and acknowledge effort and achievements.
  7. Provide ongoing training and development. Support team members to continually improve their expertise.


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