Transformative leadership approaches to get your team to ‘buy-in’


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Here are 8 key points to consider as you plan your next team project so that you get the buy-in and commitment you need from your team, while they benefit from professional and personal growth and a sense of achievement and empowerment as the project unfolds towards a successful completion date.

Create a shared vision

Create a vision that is for the common good of all.  Paint a picture in which everyone benefits from the experience.

Elevate the shared vision

Articulate the vision in the form of a collection of ideas.

Energize the shared vision

Allow the team to contribute their thoughts, ideas, structure and direction to the vision, so it feels like shared vision.   This gives the vision energy and momentum.

Communicate the vision

Talk about the vision.  Discuss the vision.  Have conversations about the vision.  But most importantly, listen to what your team members have to say about, and contribute to, the vision.  Listen with ears, eyes and heart and uncover the aspirations of your individual team members.

Nurture relationships

Spend time nurturing collaborative and reciprocal relationships. Be sincere, be open and approachable, engage in two-way dialogue, and most importantly, remember to listen with ears, eyes and heart.

Provide guidance

Mentor when needed. Coach when needed.  Upskill when needed. Stand back when it is needed.

Demonstrate trustworthiness

Act with integrity.  Be consistent. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  Remain respectful.  And remember that our trustworthiness is revealed through our conversations.

Aim for results

Determine goals and set dates.  Keep your team motivated, updated, accountable and on track.  Celebrate the project’s successful completion together.


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